A Day Kidzonia

A Day @ Kidzonia

At Kidzonia International Preschool, we believe that everyday in the child’s life is a
responsibility in our hands. Each day is meaningfully planned to ensure children go home
with new learning and happy smiles!


Our children begin their “work day” at school, greeted and welcomed by their class teacher, in warm and unique ways.

Circle Time

During circle time, children sit together, interact, give attendance, engage in group activities and spend some time with their friends and later engaged into Music and Movement, the time to energize our children. They learn rhymes, Rhythm, sounds, different language songs and lots of actions and laughter fill their day.

Learning Center

Children choose from learning center activities like blocks, creative arts, dramatic play, library, math , manipulatives, science ,sensory, and writing. This time often includes small-group activities.

Snack Time

Children wash-up, pray and eat together. Children and teachers converse about food-related good habits like finishing their meal, table etiquette, healthy eating habits and importance of drinking water.

Theme Concept

Each month has a theme, and children learn various concepts about their world. Concepts are introduced and reinforced through activities, discussions, field trips and art & craft activities.l.

Physical Development

Children engage with slides, swings, sand play, water/garden time with tunnels, simple exercises and dance. Our specially designed outdoor program further helps us build children’s skills.

Safe Dispersal

After all that work, our little ones end another lovely, lively day at Kidzonia, with a heartful of smiles and bagful of learning.