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Best preschool in AMeenpur

Why Choose Kidzonia?

Parents often ask us why they should choose Kidzonia over other preschool brands?

We take pride in having established ourselves as a brand which people connect with the most. Kidzonia has established its credibility by delivering Highest standards of Academics, Child Development, Safe and Hygienic Learning Environment along with World Class Infrastructure & Technology, which is far better than a lot of nationally branded preschool chains.

At Kidzonia, we ensure that children get ample opportunities to engage in activities to enable holistic learning. We follow internationally acclaimed and developmentally appropriate practices, for each child to nurture and grow at his own pace and comfort. We have adopted the latest technologies and methods to groom our children holistically.

Kidzonia Ensures:
  • Futuristic Education
  • Nurturing Inquisitiveness in every child
  • Thematic & Integrated Curriculum
  • Experiential Learning
  • Holistic Development
  • A Positive Learning Environment
  • Focusing on Evolution of every child
  • Addressing Learners' Needs
  • WiFi Campus
  • Child Friendly Environment
  • Trained Teachers
  • Caring & Experienced Caretakers
  • Safe and Secure Learner Friendly Environment
  • Ideal Teacher-Child Ratioof 1:8

The Kidzonia Difference

Multiple Intelligences

Kidzonia's Discover Curriculum is scientifically designed and planned to nurture the individual personality traits of every child.

Thematics & Experiental Learning

Learning at Kidzonia is thematics integrated across subjects to make learning fun & contextually revelant.

Technology Aided Learning

Keeping up with the evolving pedagogy & continuously changing learning methodologies, Kidzonia has embraced technology to be a productive teaching aid while adding element of experience & enjoyment for child engagement

Kidzonia Discover Curriculum is empowered with 100s of learning apps delivered through iPad & projectors in every class.