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Best International School Chain in India

The value of education in the modern day is known and realised by all. Therefore, getting the
right education becomes a priority and is a vital part of the modern lifestyle. Our world has
come immensely closer and is globally intertwined to a point where international schools are
a base standard for quality education.
International Schools nurture their kids and shape them sharp for their future. They provide a
structured schedule, social interaction activities and a wide arena of skills and knowledge.
Most international schools suggest that the child continue his/her education from
kindergarten through high school.

But before we tell you all about the best International School Chain in India, let us
understand why choosing an international school for your child is important.
Advantages of studying in an International School Chain
1. Balanced Thematic Programs
International Schools follow strict timetables and programs which are thematically based and
are focused on the learning and development of the child. Such Programs provide all-around
development opportunities to the child, be it through arts, athletics, academics, after school
co-curricular or service and practical learning. With international school, the child can
explore and decide amongst the variety of disciplines made available to him as an alternative
in his academic curriculum. Such schools prioritize experiential learning and then test the
students accordingly.
2. Personalized and Targeted Learning
Each person has different ways to learn and grasp a concept and International Schools realize
this very well. They teach the children in various ways which are personalized and balanced.

These curriculums are designed in such a way that they provide opportunities for each student
to explore and develop in areas they are interested in and passionate about.
3. Academic Excellence
Academics are still a major part of the Indian educational system. Admissions and ranks are
all based on how many marks the student attains and how well he/she performs. The
international curriculum which is mandatory in international schools makes sure that the
students excel academically and not just textbook learn the subjects but understand them at a
deeper level. This makes sure that the students perform and score well. Allowing students to
increase their knowledge base demonstrates their comprehension and then they can act upon
the concepts that they have learned.
4. Dedicated and Skilled Support System
International schools have skilled and efficient academic plus non-academic staff who are
aimed at catering for the needs of the students. Support staff work collaboratively with the
parents and the students to meet the individual needs of the students. This dedicated and
skilled support system is the foundation of a good International School.

There are multiple advantages of choosing an international school. But it is also wise to
choose a good international school chain amongst the available options in the market.
One such school chain which is trusted by parents and students alike is KCIS Chain.

They follow an intricate International Primary School
Curriculum. CIS is committed to educating minds and transforming lives through its holistic
approach to education.

Credence being an international level school aims to provide active learning which is based
on student interaction and engagement, focuses on things that are more important than simply
rote learning concepts and challenges them to practically approach any problem that they face
using their knowledge. This whole approach teaches students communication skills which
are vital to surviving in the modern world.

Students are encouraged to have interpersonal interactions and social bonding’s. Various co-
curricular activities are also a part of the school’ timetable. CIS believes in the all-around

development of the students. These activities may range from debates and declamations to
cultural activities including singing, dancing and sports.

Credence is an education management company which is situated in Mumbai. The company
specializes in turnkey school projects of the K12 segment.
The Credence brand stands for its vision which is to inspire and enable children to live a
more enriching and, meaningful life, with broader, bolder, holistic and international standard
CIS is an international school with a theme-based teaching technique that has been utilised to
imbibe the art of gaining knowledge on their own into their students.

They help their students to discover their potential and then excel in the things that they are
interested in and are already good at. They follow their intricate curriculum through their 6
unique pillars of schooling.
The schools follow the curriculum set and are inspired by Dr Howard Gardner’s multiple
intelligence theory and Bloom’s taxonomy which states that each student learns in their way
and at their own pace.

The school is also equipped with various art technology inspired equipment including iPad,
Theme-based learning, Computer labs, Language labs etc.
Credence focuses on three major things; Value education, Multiple Intelligence and Thematic
Teaching. These attributes promote integrated value education along with subject knowledge,
that would help the students to become more responsible and independent.

CIS will help your child become more responsible, live a disciplined and successful life, and
adapt to a new environment quickly.
KCIS, therefore, has introduced children to topics like augmented reality, 3-D printing, moral
values, artificial intelligence, and game-based education.
We can therefore conclude that Kidzonia Credence International School chain is the best
international school chain in India and is a reliable option for you to fall back on. With
credence, you choose quality education for a lifetime.