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What is Holistic Development and why is it important?

Your child’s early childhood education has a life- long impact on their social, emotional and physical development as well as who they become as an adult. As a parent, you have your own expectations when your child attends a pre-school or school. Some of you expect your child to engage in academics associated with learning, reading and writing while others are more concerned with their kid’s growth in a stimulating environment where they can notice a behavioral change and development in their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive and language development.

The school caters to a holistic approach to meet the expectations of every parent and makes the child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually responsible which is also the need of society.

Kidzonia International Pre-school promises and takes care of the holistic development of every child.  

What is Holistic Development and why is it important?

Holistic Development means developing a person wholly i.e. physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and intellectually. 

Why is it important? 

It helps the overall development of the child. The early years of a child are a vital time to lay the foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Kidzonia International Pre-school aims and feels that it is important for every child to succeed and reach their full potential by providing an all-round development to every child. However, encouraging holistic development is the responsibility of both the parent and the organization where the child is enrolled.

Along with academics, it is equally important for a child to develop skills in areas such as

. Social ability

. Emotional intelligence

. Fine and gross motor coordination

. Confidence

. Creativity

. Compassion


To attain this holistic development in a child there are few basic areas that need to be focused on and Kidzonia International Pre-school is well aware of its responsibilities and delivers the same with pride. 

The following are the areas that need to be focused on to attain this holistic development.

  1. Personal and physical growth: It is at this tender age where your child’s maximum development happens and Kidzonia International Pre-school takes this opportunity as a responsibility and delivers to bring out the best in your child by understanding the physical milestone and by encouraging in activities to develop the fine motor and gross motor skills.
  2. Social skills: The pre-school is the second home of your child where he/she spends maximum hours of the day (other than home). It is also the place where your child comes in contact with other children and adults and they connect with each other by their actions i.e., sharing toys and foods, taking turns etc.
  3. Emotional understanding: This is the most delicate area that needs to be handled and focused carefully both by the parents and the organization. Creating awareness, learning empathy, sharing experiences and discussing the outcomes are a few major goals. In other words, it is dealing with your child’s emotional needs and Kidzonia International Pre-school acts responsibly to bring out the best, keeping in mind the priorities of every individual.
  4. Intellectual Development: The play-way method of teaching is the most effective method when it comes to the development of the cognitive skills of the child. Active participation gives exposure to the child and helps develop their skills constantly.
  5. Environmental Values: A child is very sensitive to his/her surroundings.   The environment, be it the comfort zone of the house or the outside world, it is very important for a child to learn and know the importance of environment and take proper care of the same. 


Kidzonia International Pre-school promises and focuses on all the above aspects keeping the child’s holistic development in consideration. The aim of the educators/teachers in holistic growth is to find out the capabilities of every child individually as every child is unique and has his/her own personality traits, preferences, strengths and attitude.

Implementation of a holistic approach in Kidzonia International Pre-school has the following outcomes.

  1. Progress on child’s academics
  2. Progress in child’s cognitive skills
  3. Opportunities for language development
  4. Exposure and opportunities on various domains like creative, fine motor, socio-emotional, spiritual etc
  5. Age-appropriate growth of the child.


Kidzonia International Pre-school takes the pride in its educational curriculum that is thematic based, technology integrated and has a holistic approach to help every child find his/her own unique place in the society.