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Technology Integration in Education!

Technology Integration is defined as the use of technology to enhance and support the educational environment.

Integration of technology in education plays a major role in the teaching-learning process by making things simpler, problem-solving and easy understanding of the concepts.

The integration of technology in education has many benefits like:

  • Smooth Teaching:  The integration of technology with audiovisual presentations, has made teaching much easier. The use of projectors and computer presentations to deliver a lesson and improved the level of comprehension is commendable. Our little Kidzos in Kidzonia International Pre-school are blessed to have well-equipped and modern classrooms with Wi-Fi, Computers, Projectors, Smartboards, etc.
  • More accessible learning: With the wonders of the internet, virtual learning has become the most trending learning method. Virtual classes have solved a great amount of time crisis and evoked zeal to know and learn subjects of one’s interest even if it is not included in the curriculum. Kidzonia International Pre-school also has its own portal that serves students with quality integrated content.
  • Constant track of students’ progress: Kidzonia International Pre-school has developed its own Kidzonia Mobile App that keeps parents updated with day-today details of their child, It is developed to maintain transparency among the organization, teachers, and parents.
  • A small effort in saving environment: Cutting of trees is a major concern for today’s Global warming. By introducing e-books we are able to prevent the cutting of trees for a paper requirements. Kidzonia International Pre-school encourages the use of the digital platforms and gives the parents and students a facility of e-books on its portal.
  • 24 x 7 access of information:  Information on every topic is available online at any given point of time for teachers, parents & students.
  • Effective collaboration:  Unlike the classroom settings, technology offers a unique setting for students to engage in projects. They can work from home connected through the internet wherein everyone gets an equal opportunity.

Kidzonia International Pre-Schools are well equipped with modern and up to date technology. The white smart boards, the projector, the sound system and Wi-Fi enabled computer classrooms to make thematic curriculum easier, interesting, simpler, and fun for toddlers. The AC campus with CCTV surveillance is the added feature that makes the campus comfortable and reliable for the children and the parents.

On the whole, we can conclude that the integration of technology is a boon to the Education World.