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International Schools and their Advantages

Choosing the right pre-school for your child is like making a one-time decision in this 21st century. You have to think years ahead before making a choice that’s not only going to have an impact on your social life today but will also have a life-long impact on your child’s life.

The world is changing fast every moment with new technology, infrastructure, etc. A good percentage of the population in today’s society (especially in metros & metropolitan cities) are mobile and International preschool & schools are the solutions when it comes to making a choice for your child’s education & holistic development.

Kidzonia International Pre-school is adept at helping kids settle in. It is easier for toddlers & kids to settle and make friends when the school provides an International flavor (English as the commonly spoken language) with students from different communities and speaking different languages.

Kidzonia International Pre-school follows an International thematic curriculum. Following an International curriculum helps children move between schools easily even if the family has to relocate due to some reasons. The international curriculum thus makes it easy for the child to adapt and settle faster.

Our Curriculum also encourages Active Parental Involvement thus giving the child valuable quality time. Our curriculum is designed in a manner that keeps parents updated on what is being taught in the classroom so that the child’s learning continues at home.

Kidzonia International Pre-school also maintains an International culture which is reflected in its learning programs where language no longer remains a barrier, encouraging every child to achieve his/her maximum potential both academically and socially.

Kidzonia International Pre-school has also maintained its standards internationally & is well equipped with the latest infrastructure & educational practices appropriate to the Intellectual needs of the students thus making learning easy and fun.

Extracurricular activities are added benefits in International pre-schools. A wide range of extracurricular activities at Kidzonia International Preschool is one of the primary ways by which it focuses on a child’s holistic development by nurturing & developing a child’s creativity & imagination. Functions & competitions held at regular intervals bring the best in every child, according to their field of interest. This helps in exploring the child’s hidden talent.

Thus, we can conclude that International Preschool and Schools have an extra edge when considered with regular Preschool and Schools. It’s not just about education but quality education that matters and children deserve special attention and we at Kidzonia cater the same with love and affection.