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Healthy Living for our Young Minds

Health is a state of mind,

Wellness is a state of being.

Why should children wash their hands? How will it make a difference if they don't? We can teach them all this involving fun activities, reading them stories with health morals, and just by having a simple conversation.

Use a reminder in the form of pictures, drawings, or words to help children remember to flush, wash hands and throw tissues away. Visuals can be used to remind children of sequences such as hand washing or individual steps such as flushing the toilet. Prepare a chart with various health tips with them and pin them in their room. Plan a schedule, for e.g. after eating or playing it is compulsory to wash hands and mouth, brushing their teeth twice or keeping their room clean at all times.

Make health memorable and fun, teach children to enjoy health by making it fun. When encouraging children to try new foods, use tasty healthy ingredients, sneak a healthy snack that looks appetizing, children get attracted to everything that looks good. Let them participate in making their meals and snacks, if they are involved in creating the meals, they are more likely to try new things.

Be a role model, adults have not only the responsibility to teach children but also follow themselves. Children follow what they see, so it is upon us to maintain healthy behaviour. By modeling healthy behavior, adults provide multiple opportunities for children to see skills performed. If they see adults clean their rooms or use a tissue while coughing & sneezing, the children will repeat and understand.

Children don’t remember what you try to teach them, they remember what you are. We should be the ones giving them a healthy and enthusiastic lifestyle.