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Reading should be a Routine

When was the last time you read a book?

What do your daily reading habits center around?

Reading has a significant amount of benefits. It is a necessity because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while keeping our minds active. Reading books helps us learn and understand and makes us smarter, not to mention the knowledge, vocabulary and thinking skills we develop.

It helps develop the mind and imagination and the creative side of a person. It helps improve communication both written and spoken. It plays an important part in building a good self-image. It is a function that is necessary in today's society.

Every child should be taught to get into the habit of reading. They should have an everyday routine where they can read stories. This has to start from a young age. Teachers and parents can help in building a love for reading. They should read with the child as well as make the child read. Everytime a child reads something new he/she is learning new information. They are acquiring new knowledge. The more knowledge they have the better equipped they are to tackle situations. A teacher or parent should be there while a child is reading so they can solve their curiosity at the same time.

Children find out new words, different words. They are expanding their vocabulary. The more words they gain exposure to, they’ll inevitably make their way into everyday vocabulary.

Being articulate and well-spoken is of great help in any walk of life. Knowing that you can speak well with self-confidence can be an enormous boost to your self-esteem. It could even aid in their future. Reading books is also vital for learning new languages, as non-native speakers gain exposure to words used in context, which will ameliorate their own speaking and writing fluency.

Improves writing skills. This goes hand-in-hand with the expansion of your vocabulary. While a child learns a new word, he / she also learns how to use that in a sentence. Children can write their own thoughts if they have the language and vocabulary.

Abulary perfect. Reading plays a huge role in building these skills. Every child gets the freedom to express themselves, putting pen to paper easily.

At Kidzonia, we believe inculcate young minds with the love for reading. This helps them in broadening their horizons. Also it gives the children an understanding of personal time. Teachers and parents need to take it upon themselves to form a habit and set a routine in the children to read.