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Why is Preschool significant in today's generation?

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

Pre-school means educating a child before the compulsory years in school. We live in a new era. Women & men both have careers, the competition is getting tough. Family lifestyles are changing. The children need a good start to their education. The foundation needs to be strong. Hence admitting your child in good playschools has become a necessity more than a luxury. It has been proven that a constructive environment is of paramount significance.

An education that only educates the brain and not the mind, soul, heart and spirit of a child is a system that fails students. The habits of mind that lead to success are based on developing emotional intelligence. We all know that a basic education has no scope in the future. Today’s day and age children need to have a physical, creative & social background. Teaching them by referring to textbooks is not enough. Giving them a sense of outdoor surroundings is also necessary and giving them experiences beyond the confines of a classroom is mandatory.

In this fast paced world, the importance of technology is also growing. Today, every child knows how to operate their devices like experts. They have been exposed to them since the very beginning. Hence, we teach them the advantages and disadvantages of technology from the very beginning. We involve technology in our curriculum.

At Kidzonia, we provide the utmost care and values to our kids. Our intention is to cultivate a sense of independence. We believe in them and focus on every child's potential. Young minds are difficult to mould, they are alway curious about little things. They have questions about everything, that's why they are our center of attention.

Our school’s backbone is to inculcate a sense of passion towards learning in children. We want them to derive from our methods and invent something of their own. Both School and Parents need to work hand in hand to ensure a bright future for the children so that they can leave their footprints behind.