Thematic Curriculum & its Importance!

In todays world, its always advisable for the parent of a toddler to choose a pre-school that incorporates a thematic approach to learning. Now many of you may not be aware of this new methodology as it has evolved recently in India & doing great rounds in the pre-school teaching-learning process. To have a clear picture of how the Thematic curriculum enhances your childs learning process we have to first know and understand what the Thematic learning/approach means.

Thematic Approach/Learning: Thematic approach is defined as a teaching approach that organizes subject matter around unifying themes. In other words, its an approach whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected & integrated within a specific or particular theme or topic. The theme or topic is then studied from the perspective of different subject areas that includes reading, writing, math, science, etc

Kidzonia International Pre-school is no exception in this regard. It also follows a thematic curriculum which enhances a childs learning process. Children understand their own unique strengths by exploring multiple ways of learning.

The importance & benefits of the Thematic approach can be studied under two different angles:

  1. Students Perspective
  2. Teachers PerspectiveÂ
Students Perspective:

The primary objective of this thematic learning is to promote & encourage learning with understanding & discourage rote learning. As it integrates all subject lines, it helps children relate basic academic skills to real-world ideas. The pre-school children are usually children of 3-6 years of age where most of the learning happens through interaction & integrated activities. These themes based or thematic curriculum has made learning simple & interesting. Students are able to retain information as it encourages the involvement of all students through relevant topics. Children of all ages benefit from the different connections across the curriculum which helps them think creatively. They begin to see connections across time, place & disciplines as they share their ideas with others in the group.

Teachers Perspective:

Thematic units allow teachers to be creative & encourage adaptation from daily life examples & experiences. The thematic curriculum gives teachers the flexibility to understand students interests on any given topic/theme. Themes relevant to students interest encourage active participation amongst all students. All these themes & activities work on age-appropriate skills in a way the child enjoys as a play. Utilization of Thematic Units gives a coordinated way to deal with students in their learning process depending on their interest.

The point is that when you walk into any of the classrooms or walk through the corridor having different grades following the Thematic curriculum, you would see children guided by their teachers, actively engaged in their learning.

On the whole Thematic curriculum is the tool of the new generation that enhances your child’s learning process, brings out their own unique qualities, skills that they have been acquiring through Montessori. It also helps improve the communication skill of the child.

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