We celebrate values while learning and development!

Education at Kidzonia is a lot more in addition to academic learning. Underlying our effort to historically nurture a developing child which teaches him/her academic concepts, is our deep rooted commitment to nurture a value system  which defines a human being’s character and lifelong behavior and mannerism. We believe in celebrating the human value of collaboration, coexistence and mutual respect. We aspire to nurture a generation which is full of self belief yet committed to mutual admiration of each other’s existence and unique personality traits.

Children learn by building on the knowledge they already have – primarily exhibited through play. Teachers help children learn by creating a rich environment to explore via exciting eductional activities.

We Believe...

Futuristic education preschool

Futuristic education for our children

We are continuously evolving in our approach and outlook. Our coming generations are well ahead of the previous ones and thus we thrive to be progressive all the time in our approach and vision to nurture our kids for the society of tomorrow. Our stress on being creative in our approach and methodology is what brings out the best in every child.
Preschool in Vashi

Every child is special & unique

We believe that very child is unique in his own space and has his own strength and capabilities to make a difference to the society. It is this uniqueness which needs to be nurtured and celebrated to unleash the hidden potential in each child. As the child is in his most important development stage during the early years, our scientifically designed and developmentally appropriate curriculum aligns with individual child’s learning styles, pace of learning and mode of expression.
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Every child has potential

It is significant to identify the inherent strength of a child at an early stage to give nurture to his/her core strength areas. Every human mind has great potential; what is missing at times is a creative yet structured approach. With a well researched approach and creative mindset, we leave no stone unturned to bring out the hidden talent and potential in each child.